Life on the fringes

The amount of garbage in Ulaanbaatar city forthe year 2006 is estimated as 151 thousand tons and 60 thousand tons of garbage is illegally dumped without being collected. If the current situation continues till 2020, as much as 1.14 million tons will be discarded and Ulaanbaatar City will be buried in garbage. [from Embassy of Japan report. PDF available here] has a series of photos taken at Ulaan chuluut rubbish dumping ground at Tolgoit. A separate reality altogether for most folks living in the middle of UB, whose waste end up at these hills where the less fortunate rummage through looking for recyclable refuse to sell: bottles, iron, copper wires etc. Much like ninja miners, these people live in terrible conditions at the rubbish dumping ground. Ulaan chuluut is only one of nearly 100 dumping grounds near UB.

A new USD10 million disposal site funded by aid from the government of Japan opened last year, located 2km from Ulaan Chuluut. According to, the new site at Narangiin Enger meets the modern environmental regulations and recommendations.

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