Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Artist Exhibits His Queen-Themed Artworks at the 25th Queen Fan Convention

dimension: 80x150cm each and 320x150cm for four paintings 
‘Magnificent Years’ by Batbileg Darjaa, Oil on Canvas, Dimension: 80 x 150cm each and 320×150cm for four paintings
Fans of the rock band Queen gathered at the 25th Queen Fan Convention in Great Yarmouth, UK, which took place between 26-29 March 2010, were pleasantly surprised.

Batbileg Darjaa, a loyal Queen fan since he was a young student in his native country Mongolia, where listening to pop and rock music was banned during the communist regime like in Russia, at the time when he found out about Queen music, has recently finished series of oil on canvas paintings and sculptures dedicated to Queen. After talking to Jacky Smith of the Queen Fan Club for sometime via his London-based manager, he was invited to display his artworks at the Fan Convention.

Batbileg worked on the series of four paintings (dimension: 80cm x 150cm each and 320cm x 150cm for four paintings), each dedicated to each member of the band Queen, for four and a half years. There are eight tapestries and three sculptures dedicated to particular Queen songs.
There are 31 ideas in the Queen series and the following details were represented in the painting:
  • 30 logos and tickets
  • 33 newspaper and book materials
  • 30 records
  • 70 names of their well-known songs composed by the band members, which became hits
Total of 130 images of four band members repeated in the four series. The breakdown is as follows:
  • Freddie Mercury x 47
  • Brian May x 31
  • Roger Taylor x 25
  • John Deacon x 27
Batbileg says, ‘Although I have not had an opportunity to meet any of the band members, I used colours and movements for each one of them to match the person’s character, personality and emotions. I imagined these based on the songs that they composed, on the way of carrying themselves, their behaviour both in normal life and on stage during performances, and I did so after carefully researching and studying these. I have to say that it was all my imagination and creativity’.

The Queen fans received the exhibition, particularly the paintings of four members, very well and some spent hours standing in front of the paintings each day so they can go through all the details that artist included in these magnificent series. The artworks were praised by guests, including Freddie’s sister Kash Cooke, who wrote: ‘Brilliant pictures – never seen anything like them before’. Peter Freeman, Freddie’s former PA said ‘wonderful colours, beautiful designs”. Jacky Smith of the Fan Club simply said ‘Stunning!’.

U. Janchiv

Feedback so far:
‘Never seen anything like them before’ Kash Cooke, Freddie Mercury’s sister
‘Absolutely stunning!’ Jacky Smith, The Fan Club
‘Awesome!’ Jim Stevenson, The Fan Club
wonderful colours, beautiful designs’ Peter Freeman, Freddie’s Former PA
‘If anyone was ever worthy of meeting the band then it’s this guy! Outstanding! Made in Heaven!!’ Clare Byers
‘Pure genius!! Freddy would be proud!!!’ Leigh Trevis
‘Unbelievable!!! Could look @ it 4 hours!! XXXXX’   Liz & Jim

‘There are no words to describe your beautiful work!!!’ Mike Hodkinson
‘Truly magnificent!’ Wendy Wright, NY
‘Thank you for sharing this great art. It is beautiful’ Sarah Mayell
‘Great Art! We like it very very much! Wish have those at our home!’ Henk & Annemarie
Absolutely lovely! Can we show them at the Dutch Queenday on Oct. 23 as well?’ Hannie Rozzeveen
‘Lovely work. Need to be seen by Brian, Roger + John!! Peter Stubbing
‘Beautiful. No other words for it!’ Michael Ehrt
‘Amazing great artist’ Jan Klijs
‘Want them all’ Rob Melling
‘Fantastic imagination’ Carole Leonard
‘What can i say…. FABULOUS!!!! x’ Ruth dancer
‘Beautiful paintings & artwork’ Linda Bora
‘Super art’ Wendy & Steve
‘Totally amazing my dear x’ Maria Tarte
‘Fantastic works!’ Harry Austin
‘Superb. Amazing.’ Simon Turton
‘Wonderful x’ Ansa Mikal
‘Amazing!!!! ‘ Dave Stevenson
‘I like the band member ones’ Carrie-Anne x
‘Fabulous!’ Cathy Robinson Burke
‘Very lovely.Wish I could do it.’ Christine Bouill
‘Incredible!’ Stefan
‘BRILL!’ Rene Sundwall
‘FANTASTIC!’ A. Sibson
‘£30.000′ Troy Anita
Interesting. Detailed. Beautiful’ Lucie
‘Great artworks!!’ Freddie Van Ter Beek, Holland

Were you at the Convention? Please send in your images with the artworks to share to unurmaa@linguaglobal.org.uk.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Arts Council of Mongolia event: Beat Street @ iLoft

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Friday, April 2, 2010

Spring syndrome

By Chukata

Yes, it is that time of the year folks. Westerners are affected by full moon. I have witnessed Western housemates in England turn into screaming lunatics with wild eyes.

However, Mongols are affected by spring season. At this time macro politics reach its boiling point and hysteria on various subjects arise. Mentally unstable people can no longer hide their afflictions and manifestations affect them and those around them. Most of the “normal” people become fatigued, lazy and unmotivated at this time of the year.

The main theme of this spring’s syndrome is the union of civil movements and opening of the branches in many aimags and sums. They are demanding the 1.5 million togrogs promised by Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (communists in disguise) and 1 million togrogs promised by Democratic Party and will organize a big rally on Monday, 5th April, 2010. Some fear it may be the repeat of 1st of July riots of 2008. Some monks will actually pray and chant to keep the demonstrators calm and orderly. However leaders of this rally made a blood oath today, to keep struggling until the objectives are reached. It involved pricking their fingertips with syringe needle, signing the demand, leaving bloody finger print and paying respect to the national flag. [Source link (in Mongolian)]

Another cause for worry is an increasing talk about an imminent deadly earthquake. Since the turn of the year there were 270 tremors and earthquakes recorded in various parts of Mongolia. Today the department of emergency, police and army held earthquake simulation training. Epicentre of the earthquake is a small settlement called Emeelt which trades in livestock raw material, situated around 20 kilometres west of Ulaanbaatar. Witnesses say that the earlier tremors caused the earth split. It is estimated that Emeelt will be hit with magnitude 10 and Ulaanbaatar will be hit by magnitude 8-9 earthquake. More will follow on this particular topic.
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