Saturday, April 14, 2012

Arrest of N.Enkhbayar and questions

Following the arrest of Mr.Enkhbayar, various questions spring to mind. For one, why did they carry him shoeless out of the apartment and into the car like a drunk crowdsurfer at a concert? Couldn't they give him a minute to put on some shoes? Another question, why punch MP's in the face and overturn sofas on them? I understand one may have various reasons for wanting to punch an MP in the face, but it was neither the time nor the place what with all the media and spectators. During the raid, why were the first people to come through the door in plainclothes and ski-masks, making the raid look more like an ill-planned robbery than an organized and legal operation?

The competence and organization of the raid were best summarized by a conversation between a policeman and a spectator, who accused an unidentified plainclothesman of attempting to shoot the ex-president during the earlier bungled arrest attempt. As people shouted out that he had a gun, he ran for cover to a police van, and sat with his face covered by his jacket. As various media gathered, the spectator started asking the policeman guarding the van about the identity of the man. 

Spectator: - Who is that man? If he is not one of yours, why did you take his gun from him? 
Policeman: - You told me to take it from him. 

Hilarious, yet sad at the same time. No formal announcements have been made with a list of accusations against the ex-president, except that he is being charged under Article 150.3 of the Criminal Code, which deals with "Misappropriation or embezzlement of property". If convicted, he may face up to 5 years in prison.