Former President N.Enkhbayar arrested

After a long night of stand-off between the police and his supporters, the former president N.Enkhbayar was arrested this morning at 6am. News reports and eye witness accounts point to the use of excessive force by the police during the arrest, including smashing the former president's car window and forcefully dragging him out of his car.  According to news reports, he is now under investigation by the Anti-Corruption Authority, and has been transported to a detention center in Tuv aimag.

The MPRP members and supporters showed up to protest against the arrest, and are planning to organize a demonstration on the Sukhbaatar square this afternoon.

The defendant's lawyer O.Baasankhuu gave a press statement on the charges being filed against Mr.Enkhbayar N, which include misappropriation of television equipment donated from overseas to found TV9 in 2000, and corruption charges, tax evasion charges related to the importation of books written by Mr.Enkhbayar and activities of a private company allegedly owned by the former president's son. A bizarre collection of vague allegations that are, at best, confusing. It comes across as an arrest-first, charge-later case, as the folks at the Anti Corruption Authority try to come up with more solid allegations that are not a decade old.

More updates to follow.

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