Monday, April 16, 2007

Chinese-Type Mongolian

So I'm house-hunting, which means I have to talk to a bunch of strangers called agents, who want as much personal detail as possible. "What do you do? Where are you from?" etc. One of the real estate agents I called asked me where I was from and upon hearing "Mongolia", he asks knowingly "Ah, the China-type Mongolia"? And I yell down the phone, "No! It's a country!". He is confused. Then asks again, "But Chinese-type Mongolians, right?", to which I reply irritably "No, the Mongolian-type Mongolians. We're a race.". The level of ignorance is amazing. Obviously the conversation didn't go well from there on. I kinda lost interest in speaking to him and excused myself shortly. Chinese-type Mongolian... Whatever the hell that means. I'm the Cannibal-Type Mongolian and I eat people for a living. My mom is a European-Type Mongolian, coz she speaks Magyar, which is a major Hungarian language. So is my dad, who studied in Poland. My sis is Swiss-Type Mongolian. Sometimes I become a Drunk-Type Mongolian, and then enter the advanced stage of Passout-Type Mongolian.

So for the record, Mongol is a race. We have nothing to do with the Chinese. We eat the Chinese. You know the Mongolian BBQ you so enjoy? Well, that's a Chinese-Type Mongolian BBQ. Hope that clears everything up. Enjoy your dinner.