Friday, May 4, 2007

Wiretapping in Mongolia

Interesting news. Mongolian law enforcement agencies have been accused by a daily newspaper in Mongolia of regularly tapping the phones of political figures, international organizations, embassies and even the president.
The Niigmiin Toli (“Social Mirror”) published on Monday a list of around 300 mobile telephone subscribers, including individuals and organizations, whose lines are regularly tapped. These included at least two diplomatic missions, two international aid organizations, business companies, some of them foreign-invested, mining companies, and banks. This was followed by a list of 200 names on Tuesday, and again 300 on Wednesday. The lists now have become a virtual Who’s Who in Mongolian politics and business, as well as diplomacy and foreign aid.
The newspaper also claims that certain numbers in the name of the President of Mongolia, N. Enkhbayar, as also of the Prime Minister, M. Enkhbold, are under such surveillance.

I am not surprised. But I am wondering as to who runs the show, seeing as the PM and the Prez are also being surveilled. Who the big man!? Unless they are surveilling each other, which I would find absurd but not surprising in Mongolia, where chaos reigns and absurdity rules.