Friday, June 1, 2007

Mongolian rock music video

NISVANIS - probably the very first grunge / punk rock band after the fall of communism.
came out as a Nirvana clone. but had their originality, definitely.
the name of the song is "Ulaan Heruulch". Not sure how to translate it. "Ulaan" means Red, e.g. Ulaanbaatar. Heruulch is basically an argumentative / unreasonable person, sort of a cantakerous fuck, if you will. But in mongolian, "Ulaan" colloquially could mean sort of "bloody" the way the English use it. Or it could just mean "extreme" , i suppose. So the loose translation of the name would be "extremely cantakerous fuck". though that doesn't sound much like any song title. The chorus is in English, and about as creative as any nu metal band lyrics. Which is saying very little.