Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mining Insanity in Mongolia

It's disturbing to read a recent blog entry by Sian Berry at the New Statesmen Conference Blog section. To quote:
The area of Mongolia covered by mining licences is now about 45%, and they are going for a relative song - $20 a hectare for a 30-year license is typical.
45%!! Land of the nomads no more. More to come on this, though I haven't had much time to blog these couple of months. The above information and others on her blog entry are sourced from a documentary made and directed by the International Chair of the Mongolian Green Party, Mr. Purevsuren Shah (sic). Could be Shahiin Purevsuren, as the name diversity in Mongolia is considerable, despite the apparent homogeneity of Mongolian names on the surface-level.

Sian Berry is currently looking for people to help translate the film into English (from what I understand), and I have volunteered my services via the blog comment. If you are interested in contributing, do let me know. I will keep it updated.