Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mongolian Documentary on Corruption "The Three Musketeers of Corruption"

Journalists Against Corruption Club or in Mongolian "Авлигатай тэмцэх сэтгүүлчдийн клуб." have produced a short documentary on corruption in Mongolia. This seems to be part 1 of the documentary and covers construction in Ulaanbaatar. Construction and mining are the 2 booming businesses in Mongolia, and are equally chaotic and random. Many new buildings are springing up at random and unstrategic places, as a result of corrupt officials giving stamping approvals on plans from relatives, and people with fat wallets. Many of them are plans that are laid over hot water pipes / electricity lines and so on, which thanks to the lack of planning and organization, the officials are completely unaware of. We never had a war that left our city torn apart, but now we seem to be achieving the same aftermath-of-a-war look through sheer greed and incompetence.

Click to watch the embedded video below.
(Documentary is in Mongolian).