Thursday, April 24, 2008

Altan Urag - Mongolian Music

I don't know why I haven't posted this before. Altan Urag is a Mongolian folk rock band doing some innovative things with Mongolian music. They use traditional instruments to for a fusion rock / folk sound. I finally had a chance to buy their album when I was in Mongolia, and have been addicted to it. Their current album is called "Made in Altan Urag". I read that it's their second album, but I haven't found the first album in the cd-store. Incorporating khoomii (throat-singing), traditional instruments, Urtiin duu (traditional long-singing) and even a blues guitar on one track, their music is definitely the freshest and most innovative piece of modern music to come out of Mongolia. They also contributed a few tracks to the controversial "The Mongol" movie in 2007. Controversial in Mongolia due to the liberties it takes with Chinggis Khan's (Genghis Khan if you prefer) life, the movie nevertheless was a good international launching pad for the musicians of Altan Urag.

Watch the clip below. (A well-combined clip for Davalgaa / Ijii Mongol songs from their album "Made in Altan Urag")