Monday, April 14, 2008

China Has Ignored Repeated Mongolian Attempts to Claim its Citizen Unlawfully Arrested in China

A Mongolian citizen, a vocal opponent of the Chinese government's policies regarding Inner Mongolia, has been detained in China. Is this indicative of the direction in which China-Mongolian relationship is heading? Mongolia's diplomatic relationship with China has always been restrained at the best of times, while the Mongolian public opinion and sentiment towards the Chinese government and at times the Chinese people have been that of distrust and often-times, open hostility.

Jaranbayariin Soyolt is a citizen of Mongolia who was unlawfully arrested when he arrived in Beijing on a business trip in January. His companions on the trip witnessed his arrest and states that the Chinese police attempted to disguise the handcuff with clothing garments. Mr. Soyolt is one of the few brave people who are outspokenly opposing the Chinese occupation and gross abuse of human rights in South (a.k.a. Inner in sino-centric terminology) Mongolia. He is originally from Ordos in Shiliin Gol aimag and he has been an active member of the opposition efforts outside of the region that was occupied by the current Chinese regime 60 years ago.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Mongolian Embassy in Beijing have tried repeatedly to ask China to extradite the citizen, who is protected by the Mongolian government by law. China has ignored the government of Mongolia, raising questions about the respect China has for our government.

More here (English) and here (Mongolian).