Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Haranga - Ene Bol Durlal Bish (Youtube Video)

Ok this is something of a nostalgia for me. Haranga has been around for years and it is one of the rock legends in Mongolia. Perhaps I should say that they were the first rock band in Mongolia.

Their lead singer Lhagvasuren was recently locked up for 11 years for cannabis consumption and dealing, along with a few other local pop-music celebrities.

Frankly speaking, I was never really into Lhagvasuren as a singer. The band leader and lead guitarist Enkh-Manlai has always been my personal favourite as a vocalist in the group. But that aside, I was shocked to learn a person could get shipped off to prison for 11 years for smoking grass. Even in Singapore, you'd get a year or so for smoking grass. Unless you're caught in possession of a large quantity, in which case you'll probably get hanged in Singapore.

This is a video clip of Haranga's song "Энэ бол дурлал биш", which means "This is not love". When I first heard it I was a kid and didn't really listen to the song's lyrics. The song starts out with Enkh-Manlai's awesome bluesy guitar solo.

My favourite song by Haranga by far is Enkhmanlai's song "Ayalguu". Definitely his best piece of work. I found a website you can download the song in mp3 format: Go here for the song.