Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mongolia social services ranked as among best in Asia

Now how about that! Something positive amongst all the negatives.
New rankings by the Asian Development Bank places Mongolia among the top four of 31 Asian countries providing social services such as health care and education to its population...

Of note, is that Mongolia was rated as providing superior social services to China, India, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Bank officials made a special point to acknowledge that their study proves that a government’s will to provide for its citizens, rather than its overall wealth, is often the deciding factor in the quality of services available. Read the full article
I would say this is the legacy of the communist centralized system. We would have to have great social services considering the sheer number of people living in harsh conditions.

And this is from the actual report by the ADB:
...Central Asian countries (including Mongolia) (have) generally high levels of social protection resulting from the comprehensive social protection systems introduced during the Soviet era. Despite their substantial budgetary/fiscal costs, these systems have been maintained to some extent irrespective of the post transition performance of their economies.
Link to the full report (Social Protection Index) by ADB