Tuesday, June 24, 2008

CFIF on Mongolia: They might benefit from a visit by a US official

Center for Individual Freedom (CFIF) has urged the US government to remind / warn Mongolia that "the country will not be allowed to wreak havoc on the principles of private enterprise, democracy and Western interests." An excerpt from the UBPost article:
In the letter, Tim Lee notes that it is not too late to help Mongolia, an important US ally, get back on track. “Mongolia is holding a vital election at the end of this month that will help determine its future course. “Accordingly, now is a good time for the United States to be engaged on the ground in this important North Asian nation - bolstering our friends and defending the principles of freedom and democracy that will ensure a bright future for the people of Mongolia.

“Mongolia would benefit from a visit by an official U.S. diplomatic delegation, to remind the government that American taxpayer support will not continue if Mongolia flouts international norms and business practices.”
One cannot help but notice the choice of words. If that doesn't sound like a slightly embellished wiseguy talk, I don't know what does. Equivalent of a Sopranos version of "Our old friend might benefit from a visit. Collect a kneecap or two for good measure." So we know who the CFIF don't support in the upcoming election. Though, what he means by "good time to be engaged on the ground with this nation" is up for interpretation in many different ways.

Both governments have chosen to ignore CFIF's pleas for the time being.
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