Monday, June 30, 2008

Mongolia - Election 2008 updates: In which we arrive on horsebacks to cast our votes

So there are various media outlets covering the elections, I don't know if I should bother writing about it. I shouldn't say various really. Coz they just seem to plagiarise from one report.

Here's a Reuters India article and an Al Jazeera International article covering the elections. A common theme in all these articles is the fact that "many riding on camel or horseback and some in traditional dress, headed to cast their votes". Now, I understand. I don't think there are many nations where the people arrive on horsebacks to do anything. It must be fascinating to the foreign journalists to see people riding horses or camels to the polling stations. One rarely gets to read about the various modes of transport people use to get to their elections in the news. It is not so fascinating to read something like "Americans, many driving cars and wearing T-shirts, headed to their polling stations. Some also walked."

Mongolia must seem so exotic and alien, in a very "from another planet" sense of the word. All the reports have someone in a traditional dress saying something, or a photo of another lady in a "traditional dress, called deel" at a polling station, or some mention of us being mainly nomadic herders. I have yet to find a photo of a rider on horseback charging at a polling station, which I'm sure will surface soon. One has to laugh.

In other news, they say the turnout is around 75% this year. We await with anticipation and dread at the possibility of another hung parliament.