Monday, June 30, 2008

Mongolia - Election 2008 updates: Preliminary Results

The official results will be announced tomorrow (Tuesday), but so far this is how it looks:

MAXH (MPRP) 43 seats (57%)
AN (DP) 25 seats (33%)
Busad (Others) 1 seat (1%)
Todroogui (Yet to be determined) 7 (9%)

One could almost call it a landslide. Not entirely sure how I feel about it. Disappointed perhaps. Disappointed that the public seem to be voting mostly for the highest bidder on the handout promises. Is that the case? I can't be too sure. Considering those living below the poverty line, I do not blame them. In some ways, the Democrats have themselves to blame for the loss in this election. While they led an aggressive campaign, one could say it was a case of too little too late. Too many factions. Many former-DP (or Democratic Coalition) members ran as independents or minority party reps against the DP and the MPRP. Now all that is left is for us to wait and see if the next 4 years with MPRP in power bring about the changes beneficial to our people. Or are we going to be stuck in limbo for another four years once again to vote in the MPRP. Can Bayar unify his party factions to form a strong government? I somehow doubt it, seeing as he is faced against equally or perhaps even more powerful MPRP members like Enkhbayar (well, former, having had to resign from his party membership when he became the president, but he is very influential in the circle) and Bagabandi and others. Will he effect the new law to elect the president from the parliament? His first step in office as the newly reelected PM will be to seal the deal on the Minerals Law. What next?

Will he work with the Democrats to bring about the industrialisation as the DP's promised to do? I must admit though that Bayar seems more like a leader who might just put the interests of Mongolia over those of his political party. Time will tell.