Monday, June 16, 2008

1. News of the weird: Chinggis Khaan Statue in Washington D.C.? The Mongolian Ambassador in Washington D.C. enquired with the D.C. Mayor as to the possibility. "Excuse me, Mr.Mayor, would you mind awfully if we erected a statue of our 800-year old dead king in your city? Conquered half the world, you see. It is not just a statue, sir, if you press the button at his feet, he squirts Chinggis Beer and discount tokens for Chinggis Khaan Hotel in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. It is only 50 minutes from the Chinggis Khaan airport, sir".

The embassy website goes on to note "this will make great contribution to deepening of mutual understanding between Mongolian and American people."

Read more on this issue in a Washington Post article.

2. On February 5, 2008, the Mongolian government signed an agreement with North Korea that it could bring as many as 5,300 North Korean laborers to Mongolia over the next five years. 5,300 workers over 5 years looks like nothing more than a symbolic gesture of friendship between one former commie and another resolute commie. Compared to the large number of Mongolian labourers (estimated at around 100,000) helping to build and develop its brother South Korea, 5,300 over 5 years is not convincing. Could be that the Mongolian government is too paranoid to bring in more workers. Currently around 150 North Korean labourers work in Mongolia.

3. Same article mentions a US State Department report that criticizes the Mongolian government of failing to curb human trafficking and failing to establish support systems for human trafficking victims. Another alarming revelation to me is the mention of an increasing traffic of "sex tourists" into Mongolia from S.Korea and other countries.