Monday, June 2, 2008

Plans for New Apartment Buildings in Ulaanbaatar and other news

Thought I'd just briefly list down some news of interest:

1. City government has unveiled plans for the construction of 4,000 apartments in Ulaanbaatar's western District No.1. I wonder what they mean by 4,000 apartments. 4,000 apartment buildings or just 4,000 apartments? My guess is for the latter. I wonder how the city hall will handle the sale of these new pigeonholes. Given the rising costs of accommodation in Mongolia, I wouldn't be surprised if these went for USD50,000 above per 3-bedroomer. the City may give these out as "public" housing at subsidized rates. And those lucky or connected enough to get their hands on a unit or two, will sell them on for USD50,000 and above. District 1? A little too far from the centre for my carless self.

2. Ulaanbaatar will be smoke-free: If the government spends MNG100 billion (US 90Million)
MP Otgonbayar presents an ingenius proposal to rid the city of Ulaanbaatar of its perpetual state of haze: by buying each of the Ger district households electric heaters to replace their coal ovens. At a cost of USD400 per heater, perhaps more than 2 months wages for some of these households, one wonders how many households will opt to sell these heaters for a quick income and return to their usual method of burning coal, wood and waste materials for heat and energy.
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