Friday, July 25, 2008

Inner Mongolia was never a part of China: An article

Found this interesting article titled "Inner Mongolia was never part of China" (sic). As the article is a bit long, I am posting snippets here, and making the entire article available via Google Docs. I am posting the article as it is without any edits or corrections. The article, written by Oyunbilig, executive director of Inner Mongolian People's Party, was first published at the IMPP's website here. IMPP is a party dedicated to bringing democracy and freedom to Inner Mongolia.

The reason I am posting it separately is that the connection to their website seems somewhat unpredictable. Excerpts:
In 1644, Manchu people took over entire China and Emperor Shuen-chih (or Shun-Zhi) proclaimed the Great Ching Empire (Tai Ching). We have enough reason to say that Mongolia was not part of China during this historical period of time, because Mongolia (Including Inner, Outer, Dzungar Mongols) and China were both ruled by a foreign nation during the time . Chinese people didn't have their own state or government, and China, just like Mongolia, was part of the Empire established by the Manchu people.

...In 1911, following the collapse of the Manchu Empire, there was a great chance for all the Mongols to reestablish a independent state once again. However, the Chinese warlords, took the advantage of the Mongol nation's weakness at that time, tried to take the Mongols under their rule. After 10 years of strive, Outer Mongolia (or Khalkha Mongol) proclaimed their independence in 1921 as People's Republic of Mongolia. But Inner Mongolia, a major part of the Mongol land, was under the Chinese warlords' tight control and hundreds of years of dream as an independent nation was unable to come true for millions of Mongols living in Inner Mongolia. It is injustice and outrageous that the Chinese, as soon as they gained their freedom, turned to rule over other nation.

....On May 1, 1947, the Chinese Communist Party declared their first puppet Autonomous Region--- the current Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region after the PLA took control over most part of the Inner Mongolia.

Since then, the Inner Mongolians suffered the most brutal rule they had ever experienced:
Read the entire article here at Google Docs