Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mongolia Riots: Aftermath 3

Further to a comment on an earlier post, news report of small demonstrations in rural areas after the elections. Most were small demonstrations of 30-40 people outside the polling stations. According to, minor demonstrations were held at Uvs aimag (all 3 seats to MAXH), Bulgan aimag (both seats to MAXH), Dornod (2 of 3 to MAXH) and Darkhan-Uul (2 of 3 to MAXH). does not report of any violence at these demonstrations. has more detailed preliminary election results on their site along with the percentage of votes that went to each candidate, though it's still not a complete list.

Ts. Elbegdorj, chair of DP, was interviewed during a visit to the injured at the hospitals. He has blamed the government for not doing enough to stop the riots from escalating. He has also expressed his disappointment over the President's move to declare a state of emergency, and the government's decision to shut down all commercial / independent media.

PM Bayar's office has yet to issue any statements. The MPRP media, Unen newspaper blames Ts. Elbegdorj. B.Jargalsaikhan, O.Manlai and others for instigating the riots, and not respecting the results of a democratic election simply because they lost.

Head of Civic Movement, Enkhbat has issued a press statement, denying any involvement in organizing the riots and blaming the government and authorities for causing the riots with the unfair elections.

In other news, the police continue to arrest and detain more people over alleged involvement in the riots. It is reported that the police are identifying suspects from video footages obtained from observers.

The emergency parliamentary session was held as a closed session upon urgings from MP Bat-Uul who feared further violence in the event of an open session going wrong. 68 of 76 MP's were present, and 48 voted in favour of a closed session.