Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mongolia Riots: Aftermath 5 is back online. Some news briefs:

D.Solongo, head of National human rights commission, sent an official to the Central Police Bureau, reminding them of the basic human rights protected by law and requesting the police to prevent human rights abuses.

President Enkhbayar tasked the UB city head justice to appoint a dedicated judiciary to monitor the current situation.

One of the two gunshot casualities was identified as R.Munkh-Erdene, originally from Dornod Aimag. It is reported he did not take part in the riots and was chased and shot down by the police while he was returning home from his mother's place.

In other news, many valid voting slips were found in a box for invalid / blank voting slips in Dornod's polling stations. The case is being investigated by Dornod police and Internal security.'s journalist G.Otgonjargal has published a statement urging the media across the country to help in the reconciliation process.