Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Parliament: 66 of 76 seats confirmed

Well, so we're now down to 10 disputed seats. It's 39 to MPRP and 25 to DP, plus 1 for Civil Will and 1 for an independent. The Civil Will may have a shot at one more seat from Dornod for their candidate Zorigt once the votes are recounted. Either way, we are set for another MPRP government for the next 4 years. What this means, according ot Reuters India, is:
The MPRP's majority government raises hopes it will have a mandate to push through mining deals that could provide a huge economic windfall to the country of less than 3 million...
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I cut out the last part which includes the obligatory "many Mongolians are nomadic herders" thing. MPRP majority may also mean that it is finally a chance for S.Bayar, chairman of MPRP, to show his quality. Unless he is overpowered by the majority of his own party, forced to play games akin to this year's $1,000 vs $1,500 vote-bidding.

I guess everyone's ignored DP's demand for the resignation of Bayar's administration. Even the DP themselves seem quiet, or maybe it's coz of Naadam.

Civil Movement party leaders, Magnai and Batzandan have been in detention for the past two weeks, and went through a second round of questioning this week.