Saturday, July 19, 2008

PM Bayar on Tg1million vs Tg1.5million

Received this short video via email. The first part is of an interview with PM Bayar on DP's promise for Tg1million, where he states "They say they will give out Tg1million to each citizen. Where will they get the money for this, I do not understand. If they do that, our economy will collapse". 6 days later, according to the video captions, he is shown announcing MPRP's Tg1.5million plan, stating "I think Tg1.5million is a completely feasible figure". What brought the change of heart? I do not believe PM Bayar to be indecisive or fickle-minded. Perhaps some pressure from his party to outbid the DP in the past election. Now that MPRP is set to rule for another 4 years, the people will soon be demanding their Tg1.5million.