Friday, July 4, 2008

According to Thomas Terry of Eage TV, Ts.Elbegdorj has written a letter in English to US supporters today, which is posted in its entirety without corrections on his blog. Excerpts:
I and Democratic Party have no connection to the chaos and violence and it was not even begun by Democratic Party. At the talks of July 1st I told it to S.Bayar and a Democratic Party MP B.Batbaatar suggested at the talks that the fire of MPRP building was done by MPRP itself as its members burnt its flags and covered it up to create public anger against Democratic Party in January 2006 while taking me down from the Prime Minister's post.

Democratic Party of Mongolia is for fostering democracy and standing on people's side for their better future.
The letter is peppered with various allegations of fraud and other more serious and wild allegations such as the MPRP burned its own building down to turn public opinion against the DP and minor parties. Whether some of these allegations turn out to be true or not, I personally do not think Elbegdorj is pursuing the matters in the most appropriate manner.

I don't think I have to urge the readers to make balanced opinions after reading the letter. For the full text, visit Thomas Terry's blog.

Update: Further to the post regarding rumours of DP power shuffles, MP E.Bat-Uul, in an interview to denied the rumours, but stated that he will put his name forward for the party chairman position should the DP decide to remove Elbegdorj from his position.