Thursday, August 21, 2008

May You Live in Interesting Times

This year has been anything but boring for the Land of the Blue Sky. I suppose the only word that can summarize the year so far is "interesting", in both its meanings.

The fuel prices have, again, gone up this week, putting the price of petrol at just about "world-class" level, as Singaporeans may call it. In fact, petrol now costs more in Mongolia than in Singapore, one of SEA's most expensive cities.

J.Batzandan, head of the Civil Movement Party, finally posted bail, and has been released to seek medical attention as his health deteriorated at Gants Hudag detention centre. His colleague and deputy O.Magnai is still under detention.

Leaders of the silent sit-in demonstration, G.Arslan and A.Saruul were released two days ago. G.Arslan has notified the authorities of his intention to continue his silent demonstration until the detainees of the July 1 riots are released.

In a strange turn of events, the police are going to stage a demonstration to protest the arrest of their 5 colleagues over the 5 shooting deaths during the riots.

According to, the new Parliament may be sworn in tomorrow. News reports on the political situation are now mostly news speculations, with most of the headlines ending with a question mark "Will the Parliament take oath today?" or "Will a referendum be called?". Speaking of the latter, some public figures are now suggesting a referendum to resolve the electoral disputes and the issue of a possible re-election. This suggestion has received little attention from the boys in the grey palace.

Olympics and Politics now battle for the news headlines. At this rate, the confused public may vote the judoku Tuvshinbayar into office, should a re-election be held. As the proverb/curse (said to be an ancient Chinese curse, but this claim is not authenticated) goes "May you live in interesting times". My personal favourite is "May the road rise up and fall on you" and given the road conditions in Ulaanbaatar, it just might.. literally.