Tuesday, August 19, 2008

No definite end in sight for the political stalemate

The DP executive committee convened yesterday to discuss the current political stalemate. While the President announced the Parliamentary session for Monday afternoon, the DP electees chose not to attend, citing the President's disregard of the earlier agreement that a Parliamentary session will only be called upon agreement by both MPRP and DP. Perhaps the President had put a bit more faith on their night of gold-medal celebrations and the inebriated pleasantries that ensued.

The DP has in principle agreed to attend the Parliamentary session and have their MP electees sworn in, once the GEC presents the President with the complete and final list of 76 electees. There have been little to no updates from the GEC on the names of remaining 10 MPs from the disputed constituencies, with the media attention focused on the increasing gas prices and the Olympics.

Same goes for the detainees and the silent sit-in protestors: no news reports and no apparent progress.

All in all, little progress and much confusion, as the leading parties, in particular the DP MP electees, seem divided internally, giving conflicting information to the press.

The only progress so far is Badar-Uugan's climb up to the semi-finals in Bantamweight boxing. He will be facing a Moldovan boxer on 22 August for the silver medal. He secured his bronze medal yesterday against a fighter from Botswana, whose name, Khumiso Okgopoleng, must seem just as unpronouncable to everyone else as Mongolians names are. And a random fact: a person from Botswana is called a Motswana, and Batswana in plural. How cool is that. And their language is Setswana! And I lived with a Motswana for a year in uni and never did learn that, opting instead to converse in the universal language of alcohol.