Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sukhbaatar Square Sit-In Protest: G.Arslan Detained

According to news reports, the organizer of the silent sit-in demonstration at Sukhbaatar Square, G.Arslan has been detained for 14 days after his appearance in court this morning. The protesters are mostly members of the Citizens for Justice (or Honest Citizens' Movement) and Mongolian National Green movements, and number at 30-35 (source:Gogo.mn).

The demonstrators demand that the government release the 200+ detainees. They are also protesting the lack of transparency in the investigation of these 200+ people, the exact numbers of whom are yet to be released. The demonstrators had issued a request to meet with the President. The President's office, instead, replied with a statement branding the demonstration as "hindering with the due government process of finding responsible parties to the post-election riots and therefore illegal".

Despite the setback of having their leader detained, the demonstrators have stated their intention to continue their sit-in until all detainees are released.