Friday, September 5, 2008

Head of the Republican Party of Mongolia (Bugd Nairamdakh Party), B.Jargalsaikhan (more popularly known as Buyangiin Jagaa [he is the CEO of Buyan company, last I remember]) was detained for questioning on 4 September, reports Unuudur. He is reportedly a suspect in the ongoing investigation by the Prosecutor General's office into the organizers of July 1 riots. B.Jargalsaikhan was the only candidate from the Republican Party to be elected into office in the 2004 Parliamentary elections, and served as the Minister of Industry and Trade before. None of the Republican candidates won in this year's election. Along with B.Jargalsaikhan, O.Magnai and J.Batzandan are also accused of instigating or organizing the riots. O.Magnai and J.Batzandan were detained at Gants Hudag detention centre for a number of weeks until both were released on medical grounds. They are both awaiting trial under the Criminal Code.