Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mandakh Naran - Mongolian Traditional Song

So this song was sampled by Deep Forest in their 1996(?) album Boheme, in a track called "Lament". It's a beautiful traditional Mongolian song. If you can get past the man moaning in constipatory desolation and wait till the Mongolian chorus kicks in, you will definitely enjoy it. It irks me that there's a man making a living moaning over perfectly good songs. What's also unfitting is that the song they sampled is hardly a lamentation, it's a love song. Apart from the name and the moaning, the song is remixed very well, I have to admit. So here goes a video a youtube user RolnThundr put together:

A Mongolian boy-band Camerton has done an acapella version of the song, which unfortunately I can't embed. Here's a link to it.