Thursday, October 16, 2008

Back in the dusty bowels of Ulaanbaatar city. Autumn's nearly at its end, though the weather's been pleasant nearly every day since I came back. Rained yesterday, cold and muddy. Spent a few hours over a couple of days walking around central UB, weaving through traffic and walking up dead-ends created by disorganized construction craze.

Finally back online today with Citinet's broadband, they throw the fibreoptic cable down from the top of the building to your bedroom window, drill a hole in your window frame and connect your PC to the cable. The speed's thankfully decent and fast, even at 256kbps, which they will later upgrade to 1mbps.
On Sunday, local elections were held. The turnout was less than the required 50% and a reelection is due within 14 days of the failed election. Goes to show the level of confidence remaining in the electoral procedure after July. Below is School No.2, near our place, where our voting station was situated, guarded by General Sukhbaatar's bust.