Monday, October 27, 2008

Some photos

Took some photos from Max Tower, a new office block of the Max Group of UB city, on Monday. Winter approaching. This was just before the second snowfall of the winter. And these are from Naran-Tuul open-air market (some call it the Black Market). Freezing cold at this place probably coz it's near a river valley.
And the racks in the photo above is just the shoe section of this huge market. Good place to go shopping for winter clothes right now and everything else you can imagine. Cheap China-made stuff are everywhere, but you can also find some Mongolian-made wool / leather goods. The sizes on the Chinese products are completely nuts (i.e. not indicative of the actual size at all). In some stalls, the smallest size they have for sweaters or coats is XL, which seems to be the equivalent of the normal S or M. Maybe the factory in China ran outta S / M / L size clothes tags and just sewed on XL and XXL's to their clothes at random.