Thursday, November 6, 2008

I have been following the US elections (hard to avoid really, given the extensive media coverage), mainly because I am interested to see how the new administration handles its foreign policy. According to, a new administration will not drastically change the US-Mongolia relationship. What that means, to the relief of our government, is that the Millenium Challenge Account money will continue to come in. That is, according to MC Corporation website, USD 285 million over 5 years. So far over USD 1 million has been committed to various projects, with the majority going to transportation. And nearly 50% of the amount committed has been disbursed. You can read more here at their website.

Things are definitely getting very interesting now that Obama is elected. Surely nobody envies him, seeing the kind of mess he's walking into. I never did pay much attention to the US elections before, but this year it was simply unavoidable. Perhaps due to the advent of online media and the candidates exploiting these new tools to their advantage. Gotta say, I don't think I'll be using or wanting to hear the word "change" for a while.