Friday, January 9, 2009

News snippets

In a very bizarre but perhaps just maybe but probably not very dangerous turn of events, the Democratic party has been accused of requesting and receiving election funds from a US Senator by the newspaper "Unen" (which means "Truth" in Mongolian).

According to the interview with Ts.Sukhbaatar, the Party's secretary and foreign relations director , the accusation was printed in the December 13th edition of Unen, MPRP's piece of the fourth estate. Mr.Sukhbaatar emphasized that the letter was an obvious forgery on an old letterhead design no longer used for foreign correspondence.

The Democrats have appealed to the relevant law-enforcement agencies regarding the false accusations and have also written to one Sen. Robert [sic] Lugar for clarification and assistance.

The thing is, there is a Richard Lugar in the Senate, but no Robert Lugar. Does it prove that it was indeed a sloppy forgery attempt? Or does it mean whoever wrote it just got the name confused? Would a Senator fund the election campaign of people who can't remember his name?  Interestingly, according to this article, Sen. Richard Lugar has been to Mongolia with one Mr (??) Kate Luise.

Nonsensical and made-up sounding news articles aside, the flag of Mongolia can now be seen on the peak of Mount Winson (4,887m), the highest point on Antarctica continent. No photos available, but here's a photo of the culprit G.Gankhuu, the said flag and president Enkhbayar, who presented him with the flag before he set out on his journey.