Monday, February 23, 2009

A thought

So it's the eve of the eve of Tsagaan Sar. Tomorrow's "Bituun", which could be translated to mean the act of closing.

An American friend remarked that the closest holiday they have to Bituun and Tsagaan Sar is Thanksgiving. I guess it's the emphasis on family and food.

On Bituun, or the eve of Tsagaan Sar, families stay at home and have the Bituun dinner or the last dinner of the passing year, which isn't all that different from what they will eat during most of Tsagaan Sar at every house they visit: buuz and meat.

That aside, the original purpose of my post, was to relay the message that our population has reached 2.7 million as of January 2009 (Source: Mongolia Web). 40% of the population now live in UB, of whom 65% are under the age of 35. Only 6% of our entire population are over 60. Poor healthcare system, harsh climate and widespread alcoholism are all contributing factors to this unfortunate statistic.