Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Asashoryu the model

I don't follow sumo. But you don't need to follow sumo to hear about Asashoryu's adventures and shenanigans in the local and Japanese news. On Sunday, Asashoryu took his 13-year old Mongolian exchange student alter-ego FanTaro to the catwalk, advertising Coca-Cola's Fanta at a Shibuya Girls' Collection show. I should probably add that he was wearing more than the usual loincloth (he was dressed in a schoolboy's uniform). And according to Kyodo news...
His appearance in the show, however, stirred fresh controversy over his behavior. The highest-ranking wrestler, Asashoryu skipped training for the day in the runup to the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament starting next Sunday, prompting some sports newspapers to blast him in their Monday editions.
The first Mongolian to reach the highest rank of yokozuna in the Sumo federation, he quickly established himself as the badboy of Sumo. While looking online for related news, I came across this gem. Annoyed by a Korean reporter's insistent glorification of kimchi, he called him a "Kimchi bastard". That's just too good. If you ask me, the reporter asked for it, with his claims of kimchi preventing SARS.