Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Song: Cuthberth - Picnic

So this song is no.1 on Hi-Fi Records' list of top 50 songs from 2008. The song is called "Picnic", and it's from Cuthberth's debut album "Introduction to Nomads". My colleagues explained that Cuthberth is actually Ankhaa (fullname Ankhbaatar aka Skitzo) from Lumino, who are one of the big-names in Mongolian hip-hoppery and clay pottery. Well, not clay pottery, but it rhymes. In any case, "Introduction to Nomads" is a good ambient / chill-out album with bits of the traditional thrown in. I heard this album being played at the City Nomads chain of restaurants on a few occasions. Guess they must've sponsored the album.
Anyways, loved this song. It is also probably the first time anyone's used the words "instant noodles" (belen goimon or бэлэн гоймон) in a Mongolian song.

Picnic - Cuthberth