Friday, April 10, 2009

Mongol Gers on the Lost TV series

So while I procrastinate on writing about Baabar's talk at Cafe Amsterdam and the upcoming presidential election in May, here's some interesting tidbit. The latest episode (Season 5, ep 12, "Dead is dead") in the popular ABC TV series "Lost" features housing structures that are identical to the Mongol ger, except perhaps somewhat modified to fit the tropical climate of the Island. It'd be interesting to know if they bought them from the region or had them made, and whether they just thought it'd be nice to have some Mongol gers or if it's supposed to mean something. Maybe it's supposed to represent the more environmentally-friendly world-view of the group referred to as the Others, as opposed to the Dharma initiative, with whom they are in conflict, who live in wooden houses with high-tech facilities. It probably doesn't make any bit of sense if you've never watched Lost. It hardly even makes sense for some who watch it regularly. But there you go: environmentally-friendly eco-housing structures known as gers.