Thursday, April 16, 2009

Russian premier Vladimir Putin will visit Mongolia in May, on the eve of the presidential elections, according to and Interesting timing, considering his visit will most likely favour the incumbent president N. Enkhbayar. During his visit to Russia in March, Mongolian PM S.Bayar extended an invitation to Mr.Putin to visit Mongolia, 9 years after his previous official visit as the president of the Russian Federation. What is also interesting is that at the press conference following the talks in March, PM Bayar put the visit date in June, to mark the 70th anniversary of Russian-Mongolian victory over the Japanese at Khalkh Gol. Then again, perhaps the change of dates isn't so interesting, given Putin's preference towards the pro-Russian MPRP over the Democratic Party, who are still searching for a third neighbour for Mongolia.

Read PM Bayar and PM Putin's statements here.