Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scholarships for Hazara Mongol students

 Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO, established by the global Mongolian Tsahim Urtuu network, has announced, on Monday 31st of March, the 2009-2013 scholarship programme for 2 Hazara Mongol students from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The 5-year programme will include one year of Mongolian language course, and the scholars can choose from various fields of study available at the Schools of Social Science, IT and Mongol Studies of the National University of Mongolia (MUIS).

This is probably the very first step in establishing a cultural bridge between Mongolians and the Hazaras, who are considered of ethnic Mongol origins. Wikipedia has this to say:
A Mongol element in the ancestry of the Hazara is supported by studies in genetic genealogy, which have identified a particular lineage of the Y-chromosome characteristic of people of Mongolian descent ("the Y-chromosome of Genghis Khan"). This chromosome is virtually absent outside the limits of the Mongol Empire except among the Hazara people, where it reaches its highest frequency anywhere. About two thirds of the sample Hazara males carry a Y chromosome from this lineage. [Full article here]
Making up around 20% of Afghanistan's population, the Hazaras have throughout history been subject to genocides and repression, in large part due to them being Shiite Muslims in a majority Sunni region.

For more details on the Hazara people, visit Hazaranet.

For the full Tsahim Urtuu Holboo NGO's Scholarship announcement and details, visit their website.