Monday, May 25, 2009

According to
Nothing has been officially announced as yet but it is certain that Elbegdorj has won in six Ulaanbaatar districts and in eight aimags. Incumbent president N.Enkhbayar, seeking reelection, has been favored in three districts of the capital and 13 aimags   ...The victory must be especially sweet for Elbegdorj as this vindicates his consistent stand that last year’s results did not reflect the popular mood. It has also shown that charges of him being responsible for instigating the July 1 incidents have been rejected by people.[Source]
Thankfully, UB is in a peaceful post-election mood, summery and green. Speaking of which, summer is upon us in May, with little warning or time to prepare ourselves psychologically. Or maybe it's just me, unprepared for the drastic seasonal changes after a few years spent in the relative climatic monotony of Singapore. Change, indeed. What awaits us now that Ts. Elbegdorj is set to take the symbolic throne of politics in Mongolia. Foreign investors will be quietly monitoring the post-election developments, I'm sure, to see if Elbegdorj's past "anti-foreign, populist" inclinations return to further complicate the mining agreement finalization.

What lies in store for N.Enkhbayar now, is what I am also curious about. During the noon press conference where he graciously conceded defeat to his opponent, he was asked if he would run in the Chingeltei by-election for the Parliament seat Elbegdorj is leaving behind. He simply replied with "An interesting idea".

No doubt N.Enkhbayar's defeat signals much more significant political changes than Ts.Elbegdorj's victory does at this moment in time. Many feel that Mongolians simply chose to vote for the lesser of two evils.