Tuesday, October 27, 2009

PM S.Bayar made an official request yesterday morning to resign from his post as the Prime Minister, citing health reasons.  The MPRP governing body received his request, and will present it to the Parliament during its next session. The MPRP will also nominate a candidate for the Premier's seat during their next party session on Wednesday, and present the nominee to the President. The newspapers have been speculating on the possible candidates, including M.Enkhbold, former PM and current Deputy PM, who lost his position as the PM in 2007 to S.Bayar when MPRP removed M.Enkhbold from his party chairman post.

Hardly an ideal situation for Mongolia, as for me personally, S.Bayar is a better PM than many of the possible candidates mentioned in the press. Bayar's resignation may also bring into question the stability of the coalition government. While the MPRP and DP sides both agree that the coalition government should remain, MPRP's choice for a PM candidate will be the deciding factor for its future.