Friday, October 2, 2009

Pop star Bold to play in Sydney

I never have much to report on Asian Gypsy from Sydney, but maybe this could pass as news for now.

According to, Mongolian pop star Bold will be coming to Sydney on 29th of November for a one off performance. Apparently, it's been organised by Association of Mongolian Students Studying in Australia and New Zealand (a mouthful, I know. Couldn't find a link or any info about them). They will also premier Bi Chamd Hairtai 2, a recent blockbuster in Mongolia. The tickets are 50 AUD for concession, and whopping 80 AUD for non-concession, plus 20 AUD for the movie. I read some complaints already regarding the ticket price, comparing it to Britney and Beoynce tickets which apparently got for no less than 50 bucks (I have no idea personally).