Thursday, October 29, 2009

Su.Batbold nominated by MPRP for the PM's seat

 Su.Batbold, the PM nominee. Photo from

MPRP's party conference on Wednesday evening unanimously voted for Su.Batbold, the Minister for Foreign Relations and Trade, to take S.Bayar's place as the Premier. Su.Batbold's name has been presented to the President for his seal of approval today.

While S.Bayar will step down as the PM, he has expressed his intention to retain his party chairman position. If the MPRP governing board approves of his decision, perhaps it will be one way for S.Bayar to ensure that everything he has worked hard to accomplish isn't undone by his successor. At the same, this move is greeted with some hesitation by members of the press, as it may lead to power struggles and internal party politicking.

The Foreign Minister Su.Batbold is a diplomat and the former CEO of Altai Trading Co.Ltd, a conglomerate that owns Altai Cashmere and Chinggis Khaan hotel. He started his political career in 2000 as the deputy minister of Foreign Relations and has been in Parliament since 2004.