Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mongolian Ger (aka Yurt) at Peats Ridge Festival in NSW, Australia

My friend Lisa emailed me about this. Apparently, they're hiring out a luxury ger at the annual Peats Ridge Festival this year. It is located at Glenworth Valley, which is about 2 hours drive up north from Sydney, and if I'm correct it goes for 4-5 days. It's a sustainable arts and music festival that draws thousands of people each year, and big name bands, as well as local and international visual artists. This year they have around 120 acts, and multitude of interactive installations, including one 20 metre long psychedelic tunnel that you're invited to paint on (for those who're on acid and mushroom trips, I assume). They are so sustainable that they use 100% renewable energy to power the event, using biodiesel fuel, which is just vegetable oil and animal fat, and solar power of course. For more info go to the festival website at

The Ger accommodation will cost you a whopping $5,000 for 5 days, though. It has 12 volt solar power system, a double futon bed, as well as a mongolian couch, apparently, and sleeps 3 people. They obviously don't wanna do it the original way of sleeping an entire family of 5, AND guests, hehe, but then again they wouldn't be able to ask 5 G's if they let a horde of people have it their way, now would they? To check full specs, and book, click here. They also have teepees and tents on offer as well.