Monday, December 5, 2011

Heesco at Outpost Festival and aMBUSH gallery with Art Series Hotels

A little bit of self-pimping :)
Recently I took part in Outpost festival, and was part of a group show titled Surface Tension at aMBUSH gallery in Sydney.
Outpost festival is the first major street art festival in Australia, and as such it attracted a lot of attention. More on the festival here. I did a few works there thanks to Art Series Hotels who sponsored my trip up.
Later I took part in a group show with 5 other local street artists from Australia at the aMBUSH gallery (aMBUSH guys organised and coordinated the whole of Outpost festival too). I painted 4 pictures of Mongolian traditional Shamans for the show, and also painted the wall in the gallery to make it into an installation. Exhibition catalogue can be viewed here.
A video recap of the walls painted and a small interview below (thanks Miklos!).

Heesco - Art Series Hotels supports the Outpost Project Cockatoo Island from Art Series Hotels on Vimeo.